Welcome aboard this tour of the groundbreaking Avant Grand hybrid piano. You'll learn about the basic features plus watch exciting musical demonstrations.

3 Pedal System

Just like an acoustic grand piano, the Avant Grand offers a 3-pedal system including soft, sostenuto, and sustain.

Other Voices

In addition to the unbeatable piano sound, the Avant Grand also features other voices like electric piano and harpsichord.

Preset Songs

You'll find 10 beautiful built-in songs, including classics such as Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata."


The Avant Grand can record every nuance of your performance and play it back. Plus you can store your recordings on a USB thumb drive.

Tactile Response System (TRS)

The Avant Grand features a Tactile Response System that duplicates the physical vibration of an acoustic piano which can be felt in the keys, cabinet, and pedals.

Peter Baartmans Presents

Yamaha artist Peter Baartmans showcases the features of the Avant Grand N1, including the sampling process and the advanced speaker system.