Why Choose Our Services

We know the industry very well. All of our designers and programmers have background from the music industry with companies such as Yamaha Corporation. We have unique industry-related tools that can make you more successful online. This is the ONLY place where you can get unique tools like the Used Piano Gallery, Music or Educational Event Calendars, Product Galleries and more.

How to purchase our modules

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Building an E-Commerce campaign for your company and website

Benefiting from the rapid development of the Internet, online shopping has become more and more popular among consum­ers. Therefore, having an E-Store campaign on your website is no longer a “nice to do,” but a “need to do.” An E-Store gener­ates additional income, helps sustain business relationships between you and your customers, brings in new customers, increases your website’s traffic, and your company’s image.

THE MDWK Solution


Our E-Store plug-n-pay program.

Building an e-store campaign can be timely, costly and a management nightmare. Our solution — E-Store Plug-In Modules. Imagine, customers can now shop on your site for Clavinova Software, Disklavier Software, music, product ac­cessories, and much more. The program is a turn-key system that simply plugs into your site. Thanks to this program, there are no web programming costs of building and managing your e-store, and no inventory or warehousing costs for the product. Plus, there’s even a virtual sales assistant working the e-store, thanks to a library of product-awareness info videos. Finally, a “shop ’til you rock” web store solution that has it all!

How it Works

You simply choose the E-Store Modules you would like to offer, then we seamlessly program them into your website. The E-Stores web page pops up with your company logo, in­formation and when customers close the store, they are back on your main site. That’s all there is to it! We do all the work, take the orders, do the shipping, and generate sales tickets and reports. What’s more, you can filter out products that you don’t wish to carry, change product text to personalize it, and products can even be added at your request.

Current E-Store Plug-Ins Offered

  • Disklavier E-Store (Disklavier Software, Accessories...)
  • Clavinova E-Store (Clavinova Software, Accessories...)
  • Music Book E-Store (Fake Books, EZ Play Books...)
  • In Development - Portable Keyboard E-Store, The Educators E-Store, Computer Software E-Store, Piano E-Store and more.