Why Choose Our Services

We know the industry very well. All of our designers and programmers have background from the music industry with companies such as Yamaha Corporation. We have unique industry-related tools that can make you more successful online. This is the ONLY place where you can get unique tools like the Used Piano Gallery, Music or Educational Event Calendars, Product Galleries and more.

How to purchase our modules

Click the buy now buttons to the right. If you have any problems purchasing, contact us, or call Tom at 714.994.6991.


Communication in the mobile world

iPhone users have become such a large network that many companies are now building apps simply to draw attention to the products and the services they provide, and so are we! In the first week launch of our free CVP500 L2L app, we witnessed over 1,000 downloads — now that’s the power of mobile com­munication. It also solidifies the point that when you’re dealing with digital communication, the future of marketing comes in all forms — Facebook communities, Twitter feeds, and even the mobile “app” world of iPhone and other smartphones.

Link-to-Learn Mobile

Product Teaching iPhone Apps – Free! Link-to-Learn Mobile™ is proud to offer our first library of Yamaha product guide apps — free to all iPhone users. We currently offer a CVP500 Clavinova iPhone app, and a host of apps for Yamaha Portable Keyboards (DGX640, PSR-E323/223, PSR-E423), with more on the way.
Each of these powerful apps offers the user an interactive learning experience through a virtual replica of their instru­ment panel on their mobile device.

Yamaha keyboard enthusiasts will enjoy several full-length video-based lessons, and an amazing audio chord dictionary that teaches them over 100 basic chords. Plus, there are a host of descriptions that define the benefits of panel features, which alone is a great marketing tool.

When customers want more, they can jump directly over Link-to-Learn Music™ to complete their learning experience online. Or, if you’re a Link-to-Learn authorized dealer, they can increase their product knowledge directly from your website.

Benefits derived from these apps

  • Music dealers can make a caring connection with any iPhone user by directing them to this free app.
  • When an iPhone owner downloads an app that relates to their new instrument, it gives them confidence in their purchase.
  • Having iPhone apps based on a product you sell gives you and the manufacturer an advantage over the competi­tion.
  • When iPhone users are searching for our chord-related app, they are also introduced to a product they may not have known about.