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StepnPlay Software

Press Release – Anaheim NAMM show – coming soon (April 2011) Step-N-Play “Step-N-Play” offers a unique learning and performance experience for keyboard enthusiasts of all ages. Focused on the beginner to intermediate level player, the Step-N-Play song application contains a host of features that will enable the player to interact in real-time with a song offered by any music publisher. Here are some of the performance settings made possible thanks to the functionality of the Step-N-Play song player:

Step-N-Play features for students and musician:

  • EASY-TO-USE GRAPHIC USER INTERFACE: Stop wasting time learning how to use a software application and start learning your favorite songs the very first time you use Step-N-Play! Users of all ages can quickly learn how to navigate through the user interface and focus on learning songs.
  • PLAY ALONG WITH A BAND: Play the piano performance part along with pre-orchestrated accompaniment parts in real-time.
  • STEP N PLAY ANY SONG: Play or learn the song utilizing the Step-N-Play mode. In the Step-N-Play mode, the song’s melody and accompaniment parts wait until the player performs the correct note before moving forward. Excellent for learning and playing music at your pace, tempo free.
  • RH/LH CONTROLS: Separate the playback of the right hand part and left hand part for separate hand practicing.
  • PHRASE REPEAT: Play/learn phrases of the song by indicating in and out points for repetitive practice drills.
  • SONG CONTROL: Control the tempo, playback key, performance parts (RH – LH – Backing Parts).
  • SONG MIXER: Control the performance parts of the song file – pan, voice, volume, effects, etc.
  • PURCHASE SONG: Purchase and store your favorite songs from music publishers in your Personal Song Folder. Simply click on a song and it will be displayed in standard music notation for the user to learn it using Step-N-Play mode. Step-N-Play also includes dozens popular songs that are stored in your Personal Song Folder.
  • MUSIC VIEW: The music notation for the song appears here. During playback, a cursor will follow along in sync with the music identifying the current point of the song. The user can also select the right hand and/or left hand parts, as selected in the view controls.
  • KEYBOARD VIEW: In Keyboard View, the keys on this keyboard highlight in sync to the music, similar to a "player piano."
  • SING-ALONG KARAOKE VIEW: In Sing-Along Karaoke View, the lyrics for the song will be displayed word by word so the user will be able to easily sing along to any song.
  • VIEW NOTE NAMES: In View Note Name mode, the music notation font will switch to a font which includes the letter names inside the notes.
  • VIEW CHORDS: In View Chord mode the chord symbols for the song will appear above the music staff, for example "Cm7."
  • TRANSPOSER: A transposer button with shift the pitch of the entire MIDI file based on half step increments up to 1 octave higher and lower.
  • MIDI SETUP WIZARD: The Step-N-Play MIDI Setup Wizard makes it easy to setup any MIDI keyboard to start learning your favorite songs the first time you use the software.
  • Plus – Adjustable Metronome, File Save, File Import and more.