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We know the industry very well. All of our designers and programmers have background from the music industry with companies such as Yamaha Corporation. We have unique industry-related tools that can make you more successful online. This is the ONLY place where you can get unique tools like the Used Piano Gallery, Music or Educational Event Calendars, Product Galleries and more.

How to purchase our modules

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Used Piano Gallery

Recent sales data proves that when new product sales are in a slump, often used product sales increase. With our recent economy, it’s easy to see why. If you’re sitting on a large inventory of used piano trade-ins, this is the time to move them out! And what if you’re a combo-type dealer? You are probably warehousing used guitars, band instruments, drums and even audio gear. You know, however, that there are customers looking for used products. But how do you find those customers? Or better yet, how do those customers find you? With Internet sales of used products on the rise, and “Craig’s List” type of web services capitalizing on your business opportunities, the best plan of attack is simply—attack back!

The MDWK Solution

Most dealers understand the need to put their used instruments on the web. But, when they think of the ongoing costs involved in building product web pages and galleries, and managing and editing these pages, they often feel like they are in a digital straightjacket with a webmaster in their pockets, each step of the way. It’s time to stop the web insanity, remove those digital chains and take control of your used product communication needs. We’re introducing one of our most amazing web tools yet-The Used Piano Gallery &
Used Combo Gallery Web Apps. A web, programming-free, product gallery tool that does all of the web work for you, and you’re in total control.


Price: $1995 Setup & $29/Month