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MODUS Online Brochure

Tool Kit Package and Cost

This Web Kit Tool is included as part of the Disklavier, Clavinova & PK Web Kit Pack.

* Please note – The hosting/bandwidth fee is based on data transfer; therefore, rates can vary based on usage.

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After the Sale Support

Did you know that there are full-length DVD’s available to help your customers master there keyboard. And soon, these DVD’s and other content will be on line through our new link-to-learn series. If you are interest in carrying DVD products, becoming a Link To Learn dealer or just want to know more, please contact us with a request for a Watch & Learn product catalog and price sheet.

How it Works

You can manage your web tools at anywhere and anytime. Simply log in to your private dealer account.

Once logged in, you select a product from the web kit gallery, choose your desired Easy Link button, and access your Web Tool embed code.
Check Out Your Button Choices

Have your web master embed the button/code to any desired location within your site.

Invite your prospects, friends and family to your site for a dynamic virtual product demonstration. You’re in total control!

The video library for this web tool is housed in an exciting action-scripted module that enables the guest to explore a host of feature-benefit videos right from the product itself. Video topics include: