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Introducing the "Sales Specialist VIP Club"
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The Music Dealer Web Kit has expanding it's support service to assist the sale person as well as the dealer. The mission - By being part of the Sales Specialist VIP Club, you will have the knowledge you need to stay informed on wide range of product support material, with a primary focus on Link-To-Learn Product Guides. Keeping everyone informed will help streamline communication on what support material is available, and help with dealer productivity as well.

Benefits & Value includes ....

  • SALES SPECIALIST NEWS - New and updates on support tools, articles focused on sales training techniques, and tech news are all part of our Sale's Specialist newsletter blog - knowledge is power, and this is a info-boost you need.
  • PRIVATE LINK To LEARN ACCOUNT - Each member of the VIP Sale Specialist Club, we be granted a dedicated Link-To-Learn account dashboard page.
  • COOL FREEBIES - Enjoy "first issue" from Link-to-Learn Music - Throughout the year, new L2L products will be introduced. As the enter the support arena, we will unlock (or send you material) so that you will have a front row seat to the show. Please note - this material will be permission for your use only. Letting other access you Link-to-Learn modules will instantly void out your membership.
  • QR SONG STICKERS - Introducing our Dynamic QR Sticker Program, with exciting Clavinova, Disklavier, AvantGrand video performances - For this Christmas, we will be creating a unique program that combines to power of dynamic QR code with exciting artist performances (video & audio) on select Yamaha products. It's a great tool to help you showcase the sound and value of a Yamaha product to your prospects over the Christmas selling season. You will receive one sheet of "Product Performance" stickers to be used for cross-marketing product awareness.

An Idea! Simply attach a sticker to Christmas card, then when your guest scans the QR code with a mobile phone, their Christmas card will instantly come to life with a musical performance from one of Yamaha's top Clavinova specialist. What's more, some of the sticker dynamically change, where the content is different on different days, and the entire mobile experience can be dealer branded as well.

  • THE FIREHOSE PROGRAM - Sometimes, after you sell an instrument, a customer has problems with understanding the instrument. In most cases, you could train them, they could purchase a online link-to-learn product guide and more. However, when these simply problem become fires, (and sometime they do) we will work with you to help regain the goodwill with this customer. It may be a simply phone call, it me be us having to offer a big discount, or even unlock a Link-To-Learn product guide for free - either way, we will be their for you to help you put out the fire - we truly are the ultimate keyboard support team.

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