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Welcome to the Web Tools For Yamaha Dealers Program, a library of web-based marketing support and learning tools for Yamaha Portable Keyboards, Clavinova and Disklavier.

For a limited time, Yamaha is offering a NAMM special. Yamaha will pay for your account setup activation fee, thats a savings of $500 for the Clavinova, Disklavier, PK Dealers and $200 for PK only Dealers. Don't miss this opportunity!

Portable Keyboard Kit $29/Month

At Checkout, Use Promo Code: YPKNAMM

Clavinova, Disklavier & PK Kit $65/Month

At Checkout, Use Promo Code: YCDKNAMM

*Special price requires active buttons on your website for online brochures within 30 days of activation, and minimum 6 months of service

About Our Program

The Web Kit for Yamaha Dealers is a powerful, turn-key program that offers a collection of unique tools and services to help Yamaha dealers sell & support Yamaha products.
Thanks to our library of tools, dealers can now inform, educate and entertain potential and existing customers at a quality level never before achieved. What’s more, all of this is offered to you without the expensive costs of creating content and web programming. It’s a program that is innovative, easy to implement and puts you and your company center stage where you belong - in front of customers.

We seamlessly link a series of product brochures and information modules straight from our streaming server to your website with a simple line of code. Each web tool is produced as a virtual product tour in an exciting self-contained Flash environment.

The goal is simple. By offering a dynamic, engaging product experience, potential customers will stay focused on your site as they learn about the benefits of owning a Yamaha product.

But that’s just the beginning of the benefits a dealer and a customer will get from becoming one of our valued members. Read on to learn more.

Hi-Quality Production With Extreme Dedication

Each product brochure, information module, and Link-to-Learn service have been created by world class designers, programmers, music specialists and others. The dedication and commitment put forth in creating each web kit tool is unmatched. With years of web development experience and media production, we are proud to offer Yamaha dealers the most cutting edge web marketing concepts imaginable. Members can be confident in knowing that their web site offers the best communication tools in the entire music retail industry.

Look Great and Add Purpose to Your Site

Communicating online has become the primary focus for many businesses. And rightfully so, since it’s where most customers get their information while considering a purchase. Therefore, having a website that only offers a “contact us” page, a location map, and store hours will no longer address your customer’s needs. In today’s difficult economy, you need to put your “best foot forward” and show customers the wonderful Yamaha products you offer, in the most convincing way possible.

That is the spirit behind the Web Kit for Yamaha Dealers. It instantly turns your website into a destination site while enhancing your company image, gives you better exposure and most importantly, it enhances your communication to potential customers.

So, become a member today and get a competitive edge in today’s world of digital communication.

Bring Your Prospects Home & Gain Control

Customers are searching the internet for products. They are searching for reputable dealers. When they find you, are you equipped to keep them on your site? With our web tools, when a prospect finds you, they also find a wealth of information and the support tools they need. You've given them a reason to bookmark your site. What's more, people who have never visited your site can now be invited to enjoy online product shows, keeping them focused on your efforts and your company.

Plus, when it comes to after-sale support, many of our Link-to-Learn guides are profit centers, bringing you additional income every day of the month.

Both Sides of the Coin: Before & After the Sale Tools

Before the sale, our interactive product brochures showcase the key selling points to your prospective customers. After the sale, our Link-to-Learn services complete the user experience by helping your customers learn and feel good about the product they just purchased. As the perfect “will I be able to operate this?” insurance tool, each Link-to-Learn guide is a great way to learn more about the product, while never leaving your company's website. It is a great Pay-to-Play service that helps your customers increase their knowledge as you continue to grow your income after the sale.

As a member of MusicDealerWebKit .com, and as a Yamaha dealer participant, you will automatically be able to offer the Link-to-Learn service directly from your site. To learn more about our program, please contact us.

Expandability & No Web Programming Required

Each web tool and media service appears as if it has always been a part of your website thanks to our EasyLink technology. With no complicated programming required, setting up a web tool or service is quick and hassle-free. Plus, the services are instantly expandable. As we add new tools to our library, we can automatically add them to your website at little or no additional cost.